Interviewer: Hi, Bob! Thanks for being here today with us. Why don’t you tell us something about you?
Bob:Hi to everybody! You’re welcome dear.. Well, mine it’s not a rich family, but we’re very close! I’ve worked as a clerk for Mister Scrooge for a lot of years, but my salary wasn’t very high, so it was difficult, but now luckily it’s all different!
Interviewer: Oh well !! And why now is it all different?
Bob: Well, because at first Scrooge was a mad and angry man, but now he’s changed and he’s begun a happy and generous man!
Interviewer: Wow! That’s strange! And why did he change so quickly ??
Bob: He only told me that at night he met somebody who changed his life vision.
Interviewer: Oh! And who did he meet?
Bob: I don’t know.. He didn’t tell me but I think that it should be a very important meeting.
Interviewer: And what about your family?

Bob: Now we’re all fine, but my son was ill and he was going to die. But fortunately it’s not happened because Mister Scrooge paid me more than before so now I can buy the medicines for my son.
Interviewer: It’s amazing !! Thanks for talking with us! That’s all, the interview is finished.. See you soon! Bye !!!
Bob: Thank you. Bye !!!