Interviewing Cecilia Jupe

Interviewer: Hello Cecilia,thanks for being with us.

Cecilia:Thank you but I prefer to be called Sissi because when I was a child my father called me Sissi.

( Sissi cries)

Interviewer: Sissi why are you crying?

Cecilia:I'm crying because when I was a child my father abandoned me.

Interviewer: We are sorry! :( Let's talk about something else.

Well,for you imagination in life is very important,why?

Cecilia:Imagination lightens life,It's my small world but sometimes imagination disappoint me because is a false life.Can you live in a world without imagination? :)

Interviewer: Well Sissi, another question for you. Why have you chosen the school instead of the circus ?

Cecilia: Oh, it is a good question! So,I chose the school because when you study you have more power and you can become someone.

Interviewer:Sissi why haven't you looked for your father?

Cecilia: Because I think that when a father abandons his child isn't a father! I miss him but I'm angry with him!

Interviewer:Ok Sissi the interview is finished! Thank you for all!

Cecilia:Thank you too!