Interviewing David Copperfield


Interviewer: Hi David, welcome! Thanks for talking with us about your life; for the people who don't know you, please, give us some information about your family.

David: Hi! it's very good for me to stay today with you. Well, there is a lot of information I can tell you, like my difficult childhood; in fact first of all I tell you that: I'm an orphan from father and my mother died when I was only a child.Unfortunately I was entrusted to my perfidious stepfather and his bad sister.

Interviewer: Oh, we are very sorry to hear your situation; so, where did you spend your childhood?

David: I spent my childhood in various places, like: an orphanage, where I met my best friend Steerforth; then in London, in a wine deposit, where I met Sir.Micawber and his family who invited me to stay in their house. I spent a short time with them because Mr.Micawber was arrested for debts and I had to go, thanks to my aunt Betsy, to the house of the lawyer Wickfield. He has a very beautiful daughter, Agnes...

The Orphanage
Mr. Micawber
The lawyer Wickfield and his wife

Interviewer: Wow, a very nice girl! But, have you ever had a serious job?

David: Yes, of course! I worked in a legal office, whose owner was Miss Spenlow, my dead wife. I cried a lot for her but now I'm very happy because I'm going to marry Agnes.... I've fallen in love with her!

Miss. Spenlow
David Copperfield and Agnes

Interviewer: Congratulations ! We are happy for you, thanks for spending your precious time with us. Goodbye! See you!

David: Goodbye! See you!