Interviewing Nicholas Nickleby

Presenter: Hello, hi everybody, it's me, the presenter of this programme called "Meeting Literary Characters". Today we have the pleasure to talk with our guest, who is Nicholas Nickeby!!


Nicholas: Hello everyone, I'm really happy to stay here and talk about me!

Presenter:Yes, in fact today I'm going to interview you, so let's start ok?

Nicholas:Ok, here we go.

Presenter:Let's start talking about your story. Give me the low-down.
Nicholas:When I was young, I had to support my family because my father was dead. In 1800 we moved to a chaotic London, seeking support in the figure of my father's brother, Ralph Nickleby, who proved to be wicked and selfish.

Presenter:And so, it wasn't easy for you and your family to settle down in this chaotic London?

Nicholas:No, it wasn't, but we say that we have got used to it, more or less.

Presenter:Ok, tell me more.

Nicholas:Ok, it sounds good, but I'd like to denounce the situation of Dotheboys Hall, where children, arrived there from wealthy families, to learn the arts and sciences, are reduced in a quite imprisonment by Squeers.

Presenter:Oh, the situation of your time was so bad! Thank goodness that there isn't this situation any more.
Last question:
are you envious about the fame of Oliver Twist, your

Nicholas:Not much, I'm happy enough that a poor boy such as Oliver became famous. Poor boys are anyway humans and they have rights such as anyone.

Presenter:What admirable words have you said! Let's tribute him a round of applause!


Presenter:And this is end of our programme "Meeting Literary Characters". Thanks to Nicholas Nickleby…

Nicholas:Thanks to you. That was a pleasure to stay here. Goodbye!!

Presenter:… and we wish you a good day. Bye bye!!!



by:Gabriele Imperatrice, Adrian Dresner, Luca Pollano, Diana Nita Elena.