Interviewing Philip "Pip" Pirrip

-Good morning “Pip”, can we call you like this?
Good morning to you too! Of course you can call me like that, everyone does it.

-All right. You look really young, how old are you?
Yes, I’m really young. I’m just six years old.

-You’re an orphan, right?
Yes I am. My mother, my father and even my brother are dead, there is only my older sister still alive. I live in a house with her and Joe Gargery, who is my brother-in-law.

-How is your relationship with your sister?
Well, she’s very strict with me so…I’m a bit scared of her!

-And your relationship with Joe Gargery?
I love him! He’s like a father to me. I can talk about everything with him, he always understands me.

-So let’s talk about your story. Tell us what happened some days ago in the village churchyard…
Sure. While I was visiting my family’s graves, an escaped convict threatened me. It was so scary…

-Oh, poor little boy. What did he want from you?
He wanted some food because he was really hungry…and a file to grind away his shackles too. I was really scared so I gave him anything he wanted.

-I understand. Do you know what happened to that man the next day?
Yes, he was recaptured by the soldiers.

-Great. Let’s talk about something different…lately what do you do in the afternoon?
Mmmh…most of the afternoons I’m at Miss Havisham’s house to play with her adopted daughter Estella.

-Do you like to play with Estella?
She’s very rude, and I’m always so sad about this because I like her so much…

-How cute! So you really like her!
W-well…she’s so gorgeous…but I’m too poor and uneducated for her…

-Don’t say these thing! We’re sure you’ll grow as a wonderful man!
Yes! I’m really trying my best to study! Someday I’ll be at the same level of Estella.

-Good! Continue to do your best. We wanted to ask you if…
I’m really sorry but I have to go right now! My sister is calling me and I have to help her immediately…otherwise I’ll be scolded!

-Oh, yes…well, goodbye Pip! Thanks so much for the interview!
It was my pleasure! Goodbye!

Interview by Valeria Bizzarri, Cristina Fallico, Federica Lumaca and Martina Alivernini.