Good evening, welcome to "Rafe's Show"! This is a special day for me and I think for you too. Today I'll interview the famous Oliver Twist.

Rafe: Hi Oliver! I'm horny.
Oliver: Good evening Rafe, the pleasure is mine.
Rafe:Thanks for being here with us.
Oliver: I'm very happy to be here with you, Sorry but I feel a bit overwhelmed.
Oliver: Ok, I'm ready.


Rafe: I'm sorry if I start with a delicate subject for you...How have you lived the estrangement from your parents?
Oliver: I don't remember anything about my mother because she died when I was born.
Rafe: I'm upset... and about your father?
Oliver: I've never known him, I don't know if he is alive or dead...Who knows!
Rafe: Yes, who knows...How did you live your childhood?
Oliver: My childhood was very sad because as you know, Bumble, the orphanage's director, abused me; then I ended up meeting people who tricked me.
Rafe: Which were the most important people for you?
Oliver: Mrs. Mann was the most important person in my life...she was like a mother for me. But also Maylie grew me.
Rafe: Have you ever had important friends?
Oliver: Yes, I have. Nancy and Rose were the people that saved me from Fagin.

Rafe: Ok Oliver thanks for your revelations, I hope to have you here again. It was a pleasure for me interviewing you.
Oliver: Thank you Rafe, it's only for you if I've had the possibility to tell my story.
Rafe: I'm really sorry but "Rafe's Show" finishes here.Thank you! Good night and see you soon!
Oliver: Good night!

Created by:
Evelyn Casale, Valeria Cadeddu, Giorgia D'Onofrio and Alessia Mariani.